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Secure paper, physical media, and devices. Business executives often ask how to manage confidential information. Experts agree on the key first step: Factor it into the decisionmaking in every department of your business — personnel, sales, accounting, information technology, etc.

Savvy companies think through the implication of their data decisions.

RSA provides Business-Driven Security solutions for advanced threat detection and cyber incident response, identity and access management, and GRC.

By making conscious choices about the kind of information you collect, how long you keep it, and who can access it, you can reduce the risk of a data compromise writing help reviews the road.

Of course, all of those decisions will depend on the nature of your business. Lessons from FTC cases illustrate the benefits of building security in from the start by going lean and mean in your data collection, retention, and use policies. When does your company ask people for sensitive information?

When was the last time you looked at that process to make sure you really need everything you ask for? The business could have avoided that risk simply by not collecting sensitive information in the first place. Hold on to information only as long as you have a legitimate business need.

But once the deal is done, it may be unwise to keep it. But according to the complaint, it continued 25 mark essay store that data for up to 30 days — long after the sale was complete. The business could have limited its risk by securely disposing of the financial information once it no longer had a legitimate need for it. Nor should businesses use personal information in contexts that create unnecessary risks.

Similarly, in foru Internationalthe FTC charged that the company gave access to sensitive consumer data to service providers who were developing applications for the business plan for cyber security company. In both cases, the risk could have been avoided by using fictitious information for training or development purposes. Control access to data sensibly.

Not everyone on your staff needs unrestricted access to your network and the information stored on it. For your network, consider steps such as separate user accounts to limit access to the places where personal data is stored or to control who can use business plan for cyber security company databases.

For paper files, external drives, disks, etc. When thinking about how to control access to sensitive information in your possession, consider these lessons from FTC cases. Restrict access to sensitive data. For example, in Goal Financialthe FTC alleged that the company failed to restrict employee access to personal information stored in paper files and on its network.

As a result, a group of employees transferred more than 7, consumer files containing sensitive information to third parties without authorization. Administrative access, which allows a user to make system-wide changes to your system, should be limited to the employees tasked to do that job. How could the company have reduced that risk? Require secure passwords and authentication. Insist on universal studio singapore essay and unique passwords.

In the Twitter business plan for cyber security company, for business plan for cyber security company, the company let employees use common dictionary words as administrative passwords, as well as passwords they were already using for other accounts. Twitter could have limited those risks by implementing a more secure business plan for cyber security company system — for example, by requiring employees to choose complex passwords and training them not to use the same or similar passwords for both business and personal accounts.

In Guidance Softwarethe FTC alleged that the company stored network user credentials in clear, readable text that helped a hacker Contoh essay peran mahasiswa dalam menghadapi mea customer credit card information on the network. Similarly, in Reed Elsevierthe FTC charged that the business allowed customers to store user credentials in a vulnerable format in cookies on their computers.

In Twittertoo, the FTC said the company failed to establish policies that prohibited employees from storing administrative passwords in plain text in personal email accounts. In each of those cases, the risks could have been reduced if the companies had policies and procedures in place to store credentials securely.

Businesses also may want to consider other protections — two-factor authentication, for example — that can help protect against password compromises. Guard against brute force attacks.

Jun 19,  · Cyber security risk has become an important factor for plan sponsors. Learn how to minimize the risk by practicing these guidelines.

Remember that adage about an infinite business plan for cyber security company of monkeys at an business plan for cyber security company number of typewriters? Hackers use automated programs that perform a similar function. By not adequately restricting the number of tries, the companies placed their networks at risk. Implementing a policy to suspend or disable accounts after repeated login attempts would have helped to eliminate that risk.

Protect against authentication bypass. The company could have improved the security of its authentication mechanism by testing for common vulnerabilities. Store sensitive personal information securely and protect it during transmission. For many companies, storing sensitive data is a business necessity.

And even if you take appropriate steps to secure your network, sometimes you have to send that data elsewhere. Use strong to secure confidential material during storage and transmission.

The method will depend on the types of information your business collects, how you collect it, and how you process it.

With that in mind, here are a few lessons from FTC cases to consider when securing sensitive information during storage and transmission. Keep sensitive information secure throughout its lifecycle. That risk could have been prevented by ensuring the data how to do a capstone project in nursing secure throughout its lifecycle, and not just during the initial transmission.

Use industry-tested and accepted methods. When considering what technical standards to follow, keep in mind that experts already may have developed effective standards that can apply to your business. Instead, they take advantage of that collected wisdom. The ValueClick business plan for cyber security company illustrates that principle. According to the FTC, the company stored sensitive customer information collected through its e-commerce sites in a database that used a non-standard, proprietary form of encryption.

The company could have avoided those weaknesses by using tried-and-true industry-tested and accepted methods for securing data.

In those cases, the FTC alleged that the companies used SSL encryption in their mobile apps, but turned off a critical process known as SSL certificate validation without implementing other compensating security measures. That made the apps vulnerable Can i do homework on the sabbath man-in-the-middle attacks, which could allow hackers to decrypt sensitive information the apps transmitted.

When designing your network, consider using tools like firewalls to segment your network, thereby limiting access between computers on your network and between your computers and the internet. Here are some lessons from FTC cases to consider when designing your network. Not every business plan for cyber security company in your system needs to be able to communicate with every other one. You can help protect particularly sensitive data by housing it in a separate secure place on your network.

As a result, hackers could use one in-store network to connect to, and access personal information on, other in-store and corporate networks. The company could have reduced that risk by sufficiently segmenting its network. Monitor activity on your network. In each of these cases, the businesses could have reduced the risk of a data compromise or its breadth by using tools to monitor activity on their networks.

Secure remote access to your network. While a mobile workforce can increase productivity, it also can pose new security challenges. If you give employees, clients, or service providers remote access to your network, have you taken steps to secure those access points? FTC cases suggest some factors to consider business plan for cyber security company developing your remote access policies. Just as a chain is business plan for pole dancing studio as strong as its weakest link, your network security is only as strong as the weakest security on a computer with remote access to it.

And in Lifelockthe FTC charged that the company failed to install antivirus programs on the computers that employees used to remotely access its network. These businesses could have reduced those risks by securing computers that had remote access to their networks.

Services from across government to support your business.

Put sensible access limits in business plan for cyber security company. Not everyone who might occasionally need to get on your network should have an allaccess, backstage pass. What could the company have done to reduce that risk?

It could have placed limits on third-party access to its network — for example, by restricting connections to specified IP addresses or granting temporary, limited access. Apply sound security practices when developing new products.

So you have a great new app or innovative software on the drawing board. Early in the development process, think through how customers will likely use the product. Before going to market, consider the lessons from FTC cases involving product development, design, testing, and roll-out. Train your engineers in secure coding. Have you explained to your developers the need to keep security at the forefront?

For example, according to the honesty is the best policy essay for class 3 in HTC Americathe company failed to implement readily available secure communications mechanisms in the business plan for cyber security company applications it pre-installed on its mobile devices. The company could have reduced the risk of vulnerabilities like that by adequately training its engineers in secure coding practices. Follow platform guidelines for security. When it comes to security, there may not be a need to reinvent the wheel.

Sometimes the wisest course is to listen to the experts. For example, Fandango and Credit Karma turned off a critical process known as SSL certificate validation in their mobile apps, leaving the sensitive information consumers transmitted through those apps business plan for cyber security company to interception through man-in-the-middle attacks. The companies could have prevented this vulnerability by following the iOS and Android guidelines for developers, which explicitly warn against turning off SSL certificate validation.

Verify that privacy and security features work.

Starting a business? Follow our step-by-step guide.

If your software offers a privacy or security feature, verify that the feature works as advertised. The lesson for other companies: When business plan for cyber security company privacy and security features, ensure that your product lives up to your advertising claims. Test for common vulnerabilities. There is no way to anticipate every threat, but some vulnerabilities are commonly known and reasonably foreseeable. In more than a dozen FTC cases, businesses failed to adequately assess their applications for well-known vulnerabilities.


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